Elasticsearch is consumig more memory

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I have deployed elasticseach on kuberentes and which is consuming more memory, is there any particular reason why it's consuming more memory, and how to come out from this high memory utilization issue, please let me know the best practice to resolve the high memory utilization issue.

kubectl top pods
NAME CPU(cores) MEMORY(bytes)
elasticsearch-operator-sysctl-rgk5h 0m 1Mi
imprecise-seal-elasticsearch-client-7756fd64bf-qjtqb 4m 471Mi
imprecise-seal-elasticsearch-data-696c6649dc-kl8lz 3m 527Mi
imprecise-seal-elasticsearch-kibana-b5fd5cd-2dhbw 2m 110Mi
imprecise-seal-elasticsearch-master-8587c7b888-b562v 3m 460Mi
jmeter-reporter-5d8d874b59-7gbqv 0m 1Mi

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