Elasticsearch JAVA API Aggregations casting error

I had a task to create a nested AggregationBuilder with two levels with Elasticsearch 5.6. The query was similar to:
GET _data/_search
"nested": {
"path": "ATTRIBUTES": {
"term": {
"terms": {
"size": 2
etc... closing braces
The Java code was something like this:
setAggregations(SearchRequestBuilder builder) {
builder.AddAggregation( etc...

.subAggregation(AggregationsBuilders.nested("nestedPath", "ATTRIBUTES")
.subAggregation(AggregationsBuilders.filter("filterName", QueryBuilders.boolQuery().must(QueryBuilders.termQuery("ATTRIBUTES.TYPE", "AUTHORIZATIONS")))

This code worked, but it was not testable, so I had to break it out into a method. The problem is I keep getting class cast errors trying to call it from within my code and I'm not sure what the correct types are?

Basically it's
.subAggregations( etc...

My method:
private AggregationBuilder getAttributes() {
//same AggregationBuilders code as above but with a return statement etc...
return AggregationBuilder;

I've tried to return a Builder, AggregationBuilder, but while it compiles I get a runtime class cast exception error each time. What type of object do I need to return to get this to run?

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