Elasticsearch Kibana user authentication

I have installed ES and Kibana 7.12 on an Amazon Linux AMI using the rpm packages.

But I cannot see any user authentication settings in either of the config files.
I have installed metricbeat on some other servers which are pushing beats data to ES without auth.

I want to enable user auth for ES and also for Kibana frontend/dashboard etc. with different roles. Currently Kibana is loading without auth which I want to restrict.

Please guide.

Configure security for the Elastic Stack | Elasticsearch Reference [7.12] | Elastic is the best place to start.

Thanks, but it mentions some specific utilities in /bin which I cannot see on my server.
There is no elastic* or kibana* file in /bin and usr/bin.

Another article about user authentication mentioned similar location "if ES and Kibana were installed using tar.gz", I am confused why some files and features are specific to the package type? Does it mean I re-install using tar.gz?

The features are the same you should get familiar with the directory layout see here

The binaries should be here



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