Elasticsearch killed at time of start

  • Starting Elasticsearch Server /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch: line 100: 27262 Killed exec "$JAVA" "$XSHARE" $ES_JAVA_OPTS -Des.path.home="$ES_HOME" -Des.path.conf="$ES_PATH_CONF" -Des.distribution.flavor="$ES_DISTRIBUTION_FLAVOR" -Des.distribution.type="$ES_DISTRIBUTION_TYPE" -Des.bundled_jdk="$ES_BUNDLED_JDK" -cp "$ES_CLASSPATH" org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.Elasticsearch "$@" <<< "$KEYSTORE_PASSWORD"

I installed elasticsearch 7

Hi @deepakmahajan00,

Welcome to the community! Which minor version of Elasticsearch 7 are you using? I would recommend using a version that is under active support as per the EOL matrix which would be v8.x or v7.17.

Can you share your configuration and any errors in the log files?

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