ElasticSearch Load Balancing failover on Node Failure

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I have an ES cluster of 8 nodes. 2 master(m1, m2), 3 clients (c1, c2, c3) and 3 data nodes (d1, d2, d3) respectively.

I have a Search application which sends http rest search requests and I have a data sync application using Java apis to index data.

Since Elastic search internally does load balancing, i wanted to understand if there is a mechanism for load balancing on node failures as well?

For instance, search app1 sends rest calls to https://c1.company.com:9200, and then c1 node takes care of routing the request in the cluster. However, lets say the app makes a search request and c1 goes down, how does ES handle this request? Is this handled? Or should I use another Load balancing system between my application and ES which will take care of this failure detection and automatic failover redirection?


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