Elasticsearch logstash JDBC giving exception for data type casting float to long and long to float

Hi Team,
I have to create index dynamically using logstash jdbc. I have used sql query in logstash. And my few column contains some decimal and some long values mixed. After starting logstash I am getting exception
cannot be changed from type [long] to [float]
Please help us to resolve the issue [long] to [float] and [float] to [long].
Note: I have used mutate filter to convert data type but its not working. And I don't want to make mapping manually for index.
Please provide solution on this issue.
Below is my configuration logstash.

input {
    jdbc {
        jdbc_validate_connection => true
        jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:oracle:thin:@DEV:8080/SID"
        jdbc_user => "AJIT"
        jdbc_password => "pass#1234"
        jdbc_driver_library => "/opt/READONLYREST/OSS/logstash-6.3.0/ojdbc7.jar"
        jdbc_driver_class => "Java::oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"

        statement => "Select Distinct Bm.Crmcompanyid,Cd.Company_Name,
  cast(bm.period_code as decimal(15,2)),
cast(Column1 as decimal(15,2))  TOTAL_INCOME  ,
cast(Column10 as decimal(15,2))  TOTAL_OPERATING_EXPENDITURE ,
cast(Column11 as decimal(15,2))  Total_Provisions_Cont ,
cast(Column12 as decimal(15,2))  Adjusted_PROFIT_AFTER_TAX ,
cast(Column13 as decimal(15,2))  Net_Intrst_Incm_Avg_Ttl_Assts ,
cast(Column14 as decimal(15,2))  Non_Int_Income_Avg_Ttl_Assts  ,
cast(Column15 as decimal(15,2))  Non_Int_expenses_Avg_Ttl_Assts  ,
cast(Column16 as decimal(15,2))  PAT_Adjusted_Avg_Total_Assets ,
cast(Column17 as decimal(15,2))  Intrst_Paid_on_Dep_Avg_Dep  ,
cast(Column18 as decimal(15,2))  Tier_I_Capital_Percentage ,
cast(Column19 as decimal(15,2))  Capital_Adequacy_Ratio  ,
cast(Column2 as decimal(15,2)) TOTAL_ASSETS  ,
cast(Column20 as decimal(15,2))  Gross_NPA_Loans_Advances  ,
cast(Column21 as decimal(15,2))  Net_NPA_Loans_Advances  ,
cast(Column22 as decimal(15,2))  Networth_Net_NPA  ,
cast(Column23 as decimal(15,2))  CASA  ,
cast(Column24 as decimal(15,2))  Operating_Expenses  ,
cast(Column25 as decimal(15,2))  Equity_Share_Capital  ,
cast(Column3 as decimal(15,2)) TOTAL_LOANS_ADVANCES  ,
cast(Column4 as decimal(15,2)) TANGIBLE_NETWORTH ,
cast(Column5 as decimal(15,2)) TOTAL_DEPOSITS  ,
cast(Column6 as decimal(15,2)) TOTAL_INTEREST_INCOME ,
cast(Column7 as decimal(15,2)) TOTAL_INTEREST_PAID ,
cast(Column8 as decimal(15,2)) NET_INTEREST_INCOME ,
cast(Column9 as decimal(15,2)) TOTAL_OTHER_INCOME  
From Banknbfc_Periodmaster_Synm Bm,
  TEMP Bd,
  company_details_mv_synm cd
Where Bm.Period_Code = Bd.Period_Code
And Cd.Company_Code = Bm.Crmcompanyid
and bm.template = 'Bank'
and cd.company_status = 'Active'
--and column1 in (1322394.26,1299694)
ORDER BY Periodendson "       


  mutate {convert => ["TOTAL_INCOME","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["Capital_Adequacy_Ratio","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["Networth_Net_NPA","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["TANGIBLE_NETWORTH","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["Non_Int_expenses_Avg_Ttl_Assts","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["Total_Provisions_Cont","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["TOTAL_INTEREST_INCOME","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["TOTAL_LOANS_ADVANCES","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["Net_NPA_Loans_Advances","float"] }
  mutate {convert => ["Tier_I_Capital_Percentage","float"] }

output   {
    elasticsearch {
    	hosts => "localhost:9200"
        index => "ajit_test"    
        user => "c-ajitb"
        password => "pass#1234"
        ssl => true
        ssl_certificate_verification => false
        truststore => "/opt/READONLYREST/elasticsearch-6.3.0/config/keystore.jks"
        truststore_password => "readonlyrest"


Please give us solution on this issue. Not getting any reply from logstash team.

Please stop opening duplicate issues. This seems to be exactly the same as this one, so I will close this.

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