Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Scale-out Architecture

Hi Elastic Community, please need your advice.

I have 2 logstash, 3 elasticsearch nodes, and 1 kibana for one office. I want to scale out the architecture, because there is new office with 300GB/day. My goal is to stick with 1 kibana (make use of kibana space) and add 2 more logstash in that new office. Is there any suggestion and consideration regarding the architecture whether i have to setup new elasticsearch cluster or just have to add more storage to existing elasticsearch cluster?


I had a similar configuration 3 nodes, 1 Kib, 1 LS, 1 FB, and around 300-400 GB daily.
The most important thing related to the storage is ILM. Monitor your data to track a potential increase.
If you didn't enable Stack monitoring, would be nice to enable, at least at begging 1-2 months.

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