Elasticsearch losing shards

(冯杰) #1

I have a single node ES cluster, the version about ES is 2.4.
But I recently found that some primary shards will be lost. But My disk is good.

I shutdown my PC everyday, is this the problem?

(Mark Walkom) #2

What do you mean by this.

(冯杰) #4

The health of my cluster is red. some primary shards became unassigned after a period of time!
But I can not find the reason why it became red. My cluster has changed a lot in the previous month:

  1. First my cluster has only one node,
  2. Then I expanded it, there are double nodes in my cluster.
  3. At last, I removed the extension node ,my cluster have only one node.

(Mark Walkom) #5

Check your logs then, they don't just become unassigned for no reason.

(冯杰) #6

The log shows:
Cluster health status changed from [Green] to [RED] (reason: [{Vikinga}{iqVm....}{}{10.192.118:9301} failed to ping, tried[3] times, each with maximum[30s] timeout]).

I find that all the indices of the cluster do not have replicas. So if the cluster changed from two nodes into single node, it will lost some shards.

Thank you for reply!

(system) #7

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