Elasticsearch making app super slow

I use Elasticsearch on Ububtu for my Rails app. After starting Elasticsearch, my app take 30+ seconds to load.

Server: 8GB RAM.

Before starting Elasticsearch: 5-600MB RAM in use

After starting Elasticsearch: 2.5BG+ RAM in use

Noone is using the app. Nothing is being indexed.

Is this normal?
Are there a common rule to put Elasticsearch on a seperate server?
Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you

  • Jonas

Anyone here?

It sounds fairly normal, yes. 30 seconds to start up Elasticsearch isn't unreasonable, and it could easily reserve itself 2GB of RAM. I'm not sure there's really a fix apart from that you should not expect Elasticsearch to start up instantly and should generally keep it running to avoid all the extra work it needs to do at startup and to keep caches warm.

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it's using 4GB swap as well, and 2GB cache.

How to reduce that? Or is it necessary?

You should not be using swap.

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