Elasticsearch Mapping field for Multiple languages Search

We are using Elasticsearch (Version 2.3.1) to Search on our website. Company Names are different in different languages like English, German, Polisch, Turkish, etc.

When we search Company Name using English characters, it gives correct desired results. But in the case when we search Company Name with German characters, it does not give correct results.

For Example,
1. We have Company Name 'Zöch Sungaplast', it is searchable by 'Sungaplast' but not with 'Zöch'.
2. 2nd example is İlhan Çakır a Turkish name
3. 3rd example is Zakład a polisch name.

Here is our index setting:

    "cindex": {
        "aliases": {},
        "mappings": {
            "cdata": {
                "properties": {
                    "@timestamp": {
                        "type": "date",
                        "format": "strict_date_optional_time||epoch_millis"
                    "@version": {
                        "type": "string"
                    "company_name": {
                        "type": "string",
						"analyzer": "whitespace"                        
        "settings": {
			"index": {
			  "analysis": {
				"analyzer": {
				  "whitespace": {
					"pattern": "\\s+",
					"type": "pattern"
				  "analyzer_keyword": {
					"filter": "lowercase",
					"type": "custom",
					"tokenizer": "keyword"
			  "number_of_shards": "2",
			  "number_of_replicas": "1"
        "warmers": {}

Can you please recommend that which settings shall be used which make the search work for company names in all languages.


We don't support anymore 2.x or 5.x versions.
You should really upgrade to 7.15.1 ASAP.

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