Elasticsearch Memory Optimization?


I have 64GB of RAM on my machine. I am trying to optimize the elasticsearch's performance by utilizing maximum possible hardware.

I noticed that the elasticsearch is not utilizing as much RAM as allocated to it i.e. 32GB and my search speed for when I reduce the RAM to 10GB is similar to when I allocate 32GB.

Is there a way to optimize this, so that all my search data (index data) can be loaded into memory?
Is this something that elasticsearch does?
In other words: can we do in memory computation on all my data in elasticsearch provided I have enough RAM?

What is the size of your indices per node?

@Christian_Dahlqvist my indices range from 5-7GB. I have a single node deployment

What is the total data volume? What is the total size of the indices you are querying?

Total data is around 250GB spread on 40 indices.

@Christian_Dahlqvist any recommendations?

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