Elasticsearch migration tool for 1.x failed

I am trying to migrate from elasticsearch 1.4 to elasticsearch 5.0. So Ive used the migration tool to migrate first to 2.x but the migration tool doesnt get installed. I ve used the following command to install :
.\bin\plugin -i migration -u https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-migration/releases/download/v1.19/elasticsearch-migration-1.19.zip

But it throws me an exception like this : elasticsearch migration tool 1.x failed : Socket timeout exception. failed to download out of all the possible connections . I have also attached the screenshot for the error . Please advice !

It looks like it cannot connect to github to get the file. Can you download it manually?

yes i can download it manually. But i cant run it in the server browser. It has firewall . so browsing is not allowed in the server. Is there any other way to install the tool ?

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