Elasticsearch multi node failover

I have 2 nodes in a cluster. I tried to disconnect one node and the other node was also disconnected/cannot access.

I thought that one of the advantage of multiple nodes is that, I can use one node if the other node is down.

With 2 nodes in the cluster you should be able to continue reading/searching your data on the remaining node. In a correctly configured cluster you should however not be able to write or update data as this could lead to data loss. In order to have a fully functioning cluster in the case one node goes down, you need a minimum of 3 master eligible nodes as this allows a majority to be formed even with one node missing, allowing a master to be elected.

Thank you for you reply @Christian_Dahlqvist! :smiley:

Right now I wasn't able to do searching. All i did is I indexed data and upon checking in _cat/indices, both nodes doesn't respond.

Right now I have 2 nodes which is also eligible as master node. Do you think it is better to have another another one? Btw, both nodes are set to default which means it is master and data.

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