Elasticsearch (NEST client) - How to search across multiple indices using OIS

I need to search across multiple indices using OIS(Object Initializer Syntax). I have seen examples of executing search across multiple indices with Fluent DSL, but I still do not know how to execute an equivalent search with OIS.

Here is my OIS search(Only searching against one index) :

    var searchResult =
        await _client.LowLevel.SearchAsync<string>(ApplicationsIndexName, "application", new SearchRequest()

            From = (query.PageSize * query.PageNumber) - query.PageSize,
            Size = query.PageSize,
            Query = GetQuery(query), 
            Aggregations = GetAggregations()

Which modifications can be done, so I can search across multiple indices?

Same question can be found at Stackoverflow : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41103600/elasticsearch-nest-client-how-to-search-across-multiple-indices-using-ois

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