Elasticsearch NEST deserializing issue. (Potential BUG)

I am getting the following error while debugging the code. Basically I have an issue where I cant deserialize the response, see this How to run multiple search templates using NEST

In frustration i pulled the github code and referenced it in my project to see what is going one. Got the below error. It says I should open a bug.

I don't even know what bug to open. These serializers/formatter makes no sense to me.

Hi @Jacques_du_Plessis,

Thanks for giving details of your investigation. Which version of the .NET NEST client are you using? Can you raise a Github bug issue for the respective version with the details of the error?

I am using NEST version 7.17, initially I thought it had todo with the ES version I was running.
I ran ES version 8.2 and the NEST version 7.17, but then I down graded my ES version to also 7.17 but the issue persisted.

I will open a bug, any chance you can help with a work around for my previous question? (The link that I sent.) The only thing i can think of is to send multiple requests.

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