ElasticSearch NEST Search query not working

New to ElasticSearch, having below setup

ElasticSearch Server version -- 6.3.2 NEST Version -- 6.2.0

Executing Simple Search

var response = client.Search(s => s .From(0).Size(20) .Index("idx_name") .TypedKeys(null) );

1)Giving me error as Invalid NEST response built from a unsuccessful low level call on POST: /idx_name/IDX_Model/_search

2)If I'll call same URI from Postman, but appending a slash(/) as below it is giving me correct result but not without slash(/) http://servername:9200/idx_name/IDX_Model/_search/

3)Also, Create Index, Update etc are working fine so definitely not any connection issue.

4)Surprisingly, same code is working fine on my local ElasticSearch server installation which is version (6.2.4)

Please help me in finding out what is the the thing which is causing these differences. Thanks in advance

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