Elasticsearch.Net, search gets really slow when one of three nodes are shut down


I have a three node cluster on a 7.11.1 Elastic and then I have a .net website doing searches against the index. Everything works just fine but when I shut down one node the search takes about 60 seconds. It feels like Elasticsearch.Net is trying to reach the shut down node, gets a timeout after a minute and the sends the response.
My .net code looks like this:

var nodeUrls = nodeUrl.Split(',');
var nodeUris = nodeUrls.Select(n => new Uri(n));

var nodes = nodeUris.Select(u => new Node(u));
var connectionPool = new StickyConnectionPool(nodes);

var settings = new ConnectionSettings(connectionPool)
    .BasicAuthentication(username, password);

var client = new CustomElasticClient(settings);

Can I set the timeout or configure in some way to keep the performance with one node down? Should I use a different type of ConnectionPool?
All threes nodes are configured as master nodes.



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