Elasticsearch nodes not running after reboot linux

Hi every one
I have a problem with elasticsearch cluster.
when the nodes of elasticsearch turned off, i turned on again, the elasticsearch service state is

ā— elasticsearch.service - Elasticsearch
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/elasticsearch.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: inactive

why this happens? because of large amount of data in ES?
How can i solve this problem?

Sounds like you are running short on memory.

Could you share how many indices, shards you have?
How many nodes?


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nodes: 3
ram: 30GB
indices: 321
disk usage: 2.2TB
docs: 3.584.198.708

Did you see in elastic log file? Maybe theres some information regarding.

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my issue still is open!

This is a community forum and everyone here are volunteering, so there is no guaranteed response times or even any guarantee that you will receive a solution. One user asked for the Elasticsearch log files, which you have not provided. These often tell what is going on and are a vital tool when troubleshooting issues. The information you have provided so far is insufficient.

who are you?
A member of elastic team? or elastic lawyer?

Neither, although I did use to work for Elastic in the past. Now I am just one of the volunteers answering questions here.

This is a community forum not commercial paid for support, it is staffed by volunteers.
All questions are equal, yours is no more important that anyone else's
There is no guarantee / SLA that your question will even be addressed.... because we are Volunteers
If you need dedicated support then you should engage in a commercial agreement.

I am @stephenb I am a moderator, I work for Elastic as a Solutions Architect and I am a Volunteer on this site, and have answered 100s of questions as a volunteer.

You would like your question answered and yet you were rude to one of our most dedicated volunteers @Christian_Dahlqvist that was just explaining that this is a community forum.

This is a polite community, perhaps you should review our code of conduct here

Finally you want an answer to your question but you have not provided enough details.
Please provide your startup logs, as the answer to your question is most likely there

It looks like you are using systemctl so you should be able to get logs with
sudo journalctl --unit elasticsearch

cc @warkolm

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