Elasticsearch nohup.out filled diskspace

(Pravin Kumar) #1

Hi All,

Elasticsearch was running with below command ,
nohup ./elasticsearch &
which resulted in nohup.out file. Also wather plugin was running along with it in dev environment.

Due to some error with watcher/elasticsearh lot of data got logged in nohup.out, which resulted in filling of disk space.

Require quick help on is there any way to restrict data flowing in nohup.out should contain only error or debug.

(Christoph) #2


to reduce the amount of information of the output you can adapt the log levels for particular classes as explained here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/guide/current/logging.html. You need to identify what kind of logging is blowing up the output and reduce its log level. But reading your description, there's an error somewhere in your setup which leads to lots or error messages. Just removing those error logs will just mask an existing problem which is probably a bad idea.

(system) #3