Elasticsearch non loop back address data migration


I'm using localhost so far and if I'm planning to create a cluster later and if I enable network.host and cluster settings, will I lose my data as ES points to localhost:9200 so far??


No you wont.

i created an index using localhost:9200, but when I change network.host and add it to cluster, im not finding that index in kibana

Are you changing anything else?

I added below

node.name: "es-node-1"

#define node 1 as master-eligible:
node.master: true

#define nodes 2 and 3 as data nodes:
node.data: true

#enter the private IP and port of your node:
http.port: 9200



in all the nodes

Also I changed Kibana to point to http://ip:9200

Initially all three cluster nodes with same index called "dashboard-0001". After that I created cluster with these three nodes. After that I dont find dashboard-0001 in kibana

Right, so you're doing a bit more than just changing loopback :wink:

Yes that won't work, because when you join the nodes together they won't know which index they should be using.

Why are you creating it on each of the 3 nodes? You should create the cluster with all your nodes, then the indices.

Thanks for the reply. Please confirm below will work

Initially I have single node points to loop back address. I create an index dashboard-0001 there and later I create two nodes and create a cluster all together. Last two nodes doesnt have index. Now I will not lose my dashboard-0001 data. Correct?

You should not, not.

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