Elasticsearch not able to build Using Gradle

I am trying to setup Elasticsearch on my windows 10 for intellij following this link but when i execute gradlew.bat idea I am getting this error.

Me using Gradle Version 6.4 and Jdk version 14 and windows 10

anyone please reply !! i am stuck on this from last 48 hours

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Hello Senky,

You should not need to execute that task from the command line and instead follow these instructions:https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#importing-the-project-into-intellij-idea


hi @breskeby Thanks for Replying.. i also try that what u told but from that me getting error in build.gradle file where i got error in some import libraries and one class
Class run Extends Defaulttask..

and also got some error in import libraris of gradle/gradle.ide file....

Those imports cannot be resolved for some reason in the ide, but the general build logic works and all elasticsearch code should work. The groovy dsl used in the build is not perfectly supported by idea. There are vague plans to move to the Kotlin dsl which will make the ide experience for editing build files better but that's not yet scheduled yet.

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