Elasticsearch not accepting data for geoip.location where the latitude is above [-90.0]

We are trying to load the webserver logs to ElasticSearch version: 2.1.1. where we have created proper template and able to index data.

However, we are having issue with the latitude value which are above [-90.0] for geoip.location.

Mapping is:
"geoip": {
"location": {
"doc_values": true,
"type": "geo_point"

curl -XPOST "localhost:9204/server_access_log_2016.01.26/data?ignore_conflicts=true" -d '{"geoip":{"ip":"","country_code2":"US","region_name":"NA","city_name":"NA","postal_code":"0","latitude":"38.0","longitude":"-97.0","dma_code":"0","area_code":"0","timezone":"NA","real_region_name":"NA","location":"-97.0,38.0","coordinates":"-97.0,38.0"}}'

type:"illegal_argument_exception" reason:"illegal latitude value [-97.0] for geoip.location"}}

It only goes from (+)90 to -90, that's 180 degrees which is half the earth.

-97 would be actually +7.

I see, but we are migrated from old Elastic search version 1.4.4 where this was not an issue. We are able to successfully post this data where latitude is [-97] for this version no. 1.4.4.
Is the new elastic search version 2.1.1 has certain upgrades/filters?

You'd have to consult the release notes for that, I don't know that off the top of my head.

Sure Mark, will check that. Thanks.