Elasticsearch on AWS

I'm new to this company and to ELK. I've been tasked with limiting the logs stored in our elasticsearch 6.8.6 deployment to logs less than 40 days old.

My first thought was to do this with logrotate, but I googled first and came across suggestions to use curator. Fine. But reading further I see some posts where folks say curator doesn't work on systems deployed on AWS (as ours is).

Am I seeing old information? If I download and install the latest curator onto a CentOS 7 server running elasticsearch 6.8.6 - will I be able to use it? If not, will my first thought to use logrotate work?

Thanks in Advance.

Bruce Clegg

Yes. Those old posts and blogs are for much older versions of AWS Elasticsearch and Curator. Amazon updated their fork of the Elasticsearch APIs to permit Curator to work properly. See the Compatibility Matrix

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