Elasticsearch on kubernetes


I am trying to understand the master election process on multimaster Elasticsearch cluster on kubernetes. I found one github repo where he demonstrate how to run Elasticsearch on top of Kubernetes. https://github.com/pires/kubernetes-elasticsearch-cluster

However, I am coming from docker swarm background now we are in process to port our services on Kubernetes.

In Docker Swarm "dnsrr" is the key which tell the Elasticsearch how many master containers/ip running for the services.

But in Kubernetes I don't find such config. Any info would really appreciated, it's not blocker for me I can able to run the ES on K8s but trying to understand internals.

Hi Aamir_A,

Not sure if it answers your question, but AFAIK, ECK manages the election for you.
You can see the list of settings that are being managed by ECK here:

In addition, you can see in this quickstart example that the deployment spins up 3 master nodes and no need to specify anything:

Hope it make sense

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