Elasticsearch output split problem

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I have some custom grok in logstash conf.d directory. That grok split /home/local/example/example.log path data. I wish - /var/log/*.log path data will be split via filebeat system module and /home/local/example/example.log path data will be split via custom grok.

If I configue filebeat.yum like

hosts: [""]

/home/local/example/example.log path data split field:
"Class" => "c.n.s.s.SmsGatewayService:331"
"source" => "/home/local/example/example.log",
"@timestamp" => 2018-10-03T09:35:57.404Z,
"Thread" => "http-nio-8080-exec-6",
"host" => {
"name" => "vm1"

But I configure filebeat like

host: ""

hosts: [""]

/home/local/example/example.log path data will not be split:

I need to split module data and custom path data via output elasticsearch and kibana host.

Thanks for help me

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