ElasticSearch output with alias


Do we have to configure manualy first time index name in Elasticsearch output ?

Let me explain, the context is :

I create a index named :

index: "es_on_demand_index-000001"

I have an index Lifecycle Policies like this :

  "policy": "policy_exlabel",
  "phase_definition": {
    "min_age": "0ms",
    "actions": {
      "rollover": {
        "max_size": "5mb",
        "max_age": "3d"
      "set_priority": {
        "priority": 100

When index is create, I create an alias manualy (alias es_on_demand), I stop Filebeat's service, I change Elasticsearch output by the alias name :

index: "es_on_demand"

I start Filebeat's service, and when conditions of my ILM are true, a new index is create :


and logs points to the right index.

My question is : Can I create the first time, a alias who points a pattern index even if the index is not created yet ?

Thanks for your help

You can create an ILM policy and an index template that uses an alias, and then create the index.

https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.6/getting-started-index-lifecycle-management.html runs through what that looks like.

That's super small, is there a reason you've chosen that size?


Thank you so your support.

I think my issue will be resolved by this help.

Yes 5mb is very small, it's just for test to check if my ILM run correctly.

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