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I have two webservers, each with their own installation of Elasticsearch. Both these webservers have a shared folder on their D: drive.

I want to use the same data folder so that I have one set of indexes and each elasticsearch install uses those same indexes, rather than having 2 sets, one on each server.

Therefore I have changed the 'path.data' location in both elasticsearch.yml files to point to the same shared folder.

Problem is, only one webserver is able to retrieve data for queries, the other server just returns nothing when running a search query.

Am I missing a config setting?


I don't think two instances of Elasticsearch can share the exact same indices but I might be wrong...

Some observations:

  1. As far as I know, Elasticsearch is not recommended to store to network shares.
  2. If you run Elasticsearch on both webservers you would automatically get some redundancy where your data would be safe if one server goes down (depending a bit on your setting of course..)
  3. Probably even better not to run Elasticsearch on the webservers but on a separate server or cluster and query it via API calls from the webservers.

Just my 2 cents.

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