Elasticsearch plugin is best in that case

Dear sir/madam,

I am having algolia search on my website (https://plaza9.com/) but unfortunately algolia does not support geo ip and because of that our multicurrency thing is not working.

So i need to setup elastic search on my website so that geo ip location starts working and the currency changes automatic.

Can you please just tell me which Elasticsearch plugin is best in that case?

As i know Elasticsearch Is Fast and powerful feature.
Really, Really Fast but if you have me setup my issue,then i will be glad upon you.

Thank you.


Elasticsearch has a plugin that allows you to find out the assumed country of an ip address and stores that in the data it is indexing. This uses the ingest node feature and is called a geoip processor plus an example setup

Based on this data you can extend your application to switch to a certain language or currency (but keep in mind the data is not a hundred percent exact).

Hope this helps.

But now my problem is nobody support me. also i am sending email to your elasticpress site by putting details and also email to
but nobody have to answer it my query.

So i searched your email from internet and ask you directly for my query.

Plz if you help me,, i am very glad upon you.
when i install elasticpress on wordress it is Sync my content by clicking the sync icon.

This the error link.

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