Elasticsearch Policy

I am currently using Elasticsearch v 7.10.2. For the indexes that are created, the policy is applied by creating a policy in the state management policies and applying policy to the indices. Is there a way to apply a policy to a new index created every specific day without applying policy?

We will inform you of the policy we have applied as follows.
{ "policy_id": "PRD_fota-admin-mon-new_90ddeletepolicy", "description": "Demonstrate a hot-delete workflow.", "last_updated_time": 1683518400067, "schema_version": 1, "error_notification": null, "default_state": "hot", "states": [ { "name": "hot", "actions": , "transitions": [ { "state_name": "delete", "conditions": { "min_index_age": "90d" } } ] }, { "name": "delete", "actions": [

Hi @Myungji_Kim,

Welcome! Did I understand correctly that you want to apply the policy to newly created indices automatically?

I would recommend having a look at using index templates to apply the policy to a particular index pattern.

Hope that helps!

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