Elasticsearch polygon filter performance

I have been playing around with the polygon filter on our index and with
the desired accuracy of the polygon on 2 million documents i'm getting
search times of 200-300ms at best. I've yet to add a bounding box filter as
I hear that will speed things up a bit but my question is, will adding a
load of nodes speed things up? I really need to get under 100ms.

This is for a high traffic site, presumably if we start doing polygonsearches like this is it likely that the cluster performance as a whole
will suffer badly as well? Also, what is the point of setting geohash on
the geo_point type, is this just so you can search against the geohashvalue yourself or does it affect performance in any way?

Loving the geospatial stuff, we just need to fiddle a bit more before it's
production useable.

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