Elasticsearch Processors


I am going through the list of Processors to use to pre-process documents before they get indexed into ES. For example, let's talk about the Convert Processor. I understand that it is necessary to provide the "field" (the field whose value is to be converted). Say that somewhere in my document, I have an array called "stringRowArray" that contains other fields. Within this array, say I have a field called "name" with each item. When I provide "name" as the "field" in the Convert Processor, and load my data, none of these "name" fields gets changed. I get a "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: field [name] not present as part of path [name]" error when I try to create the static mapping (i.e, my_index/_my_doc/my_id?pipeline=my_pipeline). What am I doing incorrectly? My initial understanding is that the processor goes through the document, string by string, and finds a match to the provided "field," then processes it as necessary.

How do I provide the correct field if it is not just the "name" itself?

You probably need to specify the full path, so try [stringRowArray][name].

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