Elasticsearch Prometheus exporter for Openshift


I wonder why is Openshift for the Elasticsearch using/recommending plugin based Prometheus exporter over proxy (standalone) exporter from the official Prometheus exporter list.

Plugin-based exporter:

Proxy exporter:

Proxy exporter has now more than double counts of stars on Github but it is also about a year older. I have made some research and it seems that a lot of people is using proxy exporter without issues and maybe also even in a big setups (Soundcloud - https://github.com/justwatchcom/elasticsearch_exporter/issues/320).

I understand there are some differences in installation and maybe also in metrics coverage.

Please can anyone give some rationale behind the choose of the plugin based exporter ?

To me now it seems that the need to install plugin every time the ES is upgraded and the necessity of ES restarts is less flexible than the separate deployment of proxy exporter. Also I am not sure if ansible playbook isn't more complicated for the plugin-based exporter ...

But obviously, there has to be also some advantages of plugin base exporter, maybe the faster first time deployment ?

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