Elasticsearch.py Python API communication over HTTPS

My goal is to secure communications between my elasticsearch cluster and my python application that I am creating. I however do not want to pay for a platinum license. Is it possible to use a gold license to secure between python clients and elasticsearch? What are the main differences between platinum and gold when securing communication between python clients?

Can you clarify:

  • Which version of Elasticsearch you're running?
  • Wht exactly you mean by "secure communications"? Are we talking SSL/TLS, or username/password authentication, or something else?


I am using Elasticsearch 6.3.2.
By secure communications I do mean SSL/TLS.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and clarify.


maybe this might help?
es = Elasticsearch(
['your server IP'],
# turn on SSL
# make sure we verify SSL certificates
http_auth=('user', 'password'),
# no verify SSL certificates
# don't show warnings about ssl certs verification

also, more info about python auth can be found here


On 6.3, you can enable SSL for HTTP and Transport (node-to-node) on a Gold license. This is the "encrypted communications" row under "Security" on our Subscriptions page.

The steps for Elasticsearch are here:

Let us know if you run into any difficulties.

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