Elasticsearch query error due to data storage error

Basic Information

Elasticsearch Version:5.6.0
Server * 3:CPU * 8 + 16G
Index Shards:3
Index Replicas:1
Data Size:+-100G


Recently, When querying base on Id, sometimes there is no result, sometimes there is result.
I guess there is a problem with the elasticsearch data store.
I want to know if this issue has been fixed in 5.6 later

I'm going to guess you didn't refresh before your search, but if it's not that then you will need to provide a good deal more information about the problem you're experiencing before getting any useful help. We'd need to see the exact API calls and their responses, along with what you expect them to respond, and any log messages from around the time of the problem.

Could you share a query, a working result, a non working result?
Also the output of:

GET _cat/nodes?v
GET _cat/indices?v

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