Elasticsearch query for 2 Parts without changing/splitting query in PHP

Hello, everyone,
many years ago I built a search for a webshop with Elasticsearch. Now I like to update it.
One question, if i.e. i search for "iphone 11 MWLT2ZD", i want to search for "iphone" or "11" or "MWLT2ZD".

Now comes my problem, "MWLT2ZD" is in the MPN field and "iphone 11" is in the Title field.
I want each part of the search to be in at least one of the fields and I want the MPN to rank higher in the search.
Until now I have always split the search term in a PHP script and then searched for "Iphone" in MPN+Title and "11" in MPN+Title and "MWLT2ZD" in MPN+Title. The reason for this was that I wanted to rate the search in the MPN field higher and especially because the MPN does not appear in the title.

Does this work better in the meantime? For example, can I search for "iphone 11 MWLT2ZD" and optimize the query in such a way that it searches in Title + MPN and each part of the search must occur in at least one of the fields and I can weight the individual fields differently?

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