Elasticsearch query to search word occurred as n times in document

Is it possible to query in elasticsearch if i want certain word to be occurred more than n times. For e.g. I want to search for word "Bill Gate" only if "Bill Gate" is present more than or equal to 3 times in a document.
I am storing field name as "content" which is type text that stores the full text of the story. Within this field I want to search for "Bill Gates" and return only those document that has "Bill Gates" word occurred more than or equal to 3 times.

I need to build query that will be generated dynamically based on no of occurrences user want to search for specific words within the content field.

Is this possible in elasticsearch. I tried searching lot on forum including stackoverflow but i couldnt find any solution/answers to my questions. I may be missing something here. Meanwhile am using elasticsearch version 6.2

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please anyone!

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