Elasticsearch query with multiple fuzziness and weights

Hey Guys,
I need to write query that will combine simple match and fuzziness together on different fields.
At the beginning I need to normalize each field to characters and numbers only.
Each field will have a different weight and if I have a match on the field I should use this weight. Then I need to return results that sum of their weights is >= some value.
Can someone assist me ?


I will try explain it again:

Query should combine match and fuzziness together on different fields and each field should be normalized. For each field will be assigned a different weight and if there is a match on that field, I should use this weight for the document's total sum. Then I need to get documents with total sum >= some value.

Is it possible ?

Solved it with the function_score and some functions: boost_mode: replace, score_mode: sum and min_score. Normalization done with analyzer.

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