Elasticsearch rack or zone awareness limitation


I am intending to set up a multi jvm nodes on one machine.
I have 4 racks and 12 powerful machines in each of these racks.
As such, i am using rack and zone awareness to ensure the replicas are nicely distributed.

My question here:
Is there any limitation in the number of zone or rack that can be assigned?
And is there any caveat in doing this?

My setup would be something like this

Eg. Rack 1
Description: Machine 1 with 2 JVM
nodename: segment1, segment2
zone: node1
rack: rack1

Description: Machine 2 with 2 JVM
nodename: segment3, segment4
zone: node2
rack: rack1


Eg. Rack 2
Description: Machine 13 with 2 JVM
nodename: segment25, segment26
zone: node13
rack: rack2

Description: Machine 14 with 2 JVM
nodename: segment27, segment28
zone: node14
rack: rack2


I think this is perfectly fine.

Sounds like you are building a big cluster here. :wink:
Out of curiosity, what kind of use case do you have?

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