Elasticsearch reachable from outside, not within same server

HI all,

I am seeking help from you guys since i got a weird issue with
elasticsearch, and it drives me crazy.
I am using debian 7.7 with java 8 (1.8.0_25) on a 64bits platform. Server
is a web server as well, running Sugacrm.

the problem i have was both with elasticsearch 1.3 and 0.90.10, and java 7
or 8. Sugarcrm can connect to the elasticsearch server on 9200, whether it
is using localhost, or public ip. But no message is exchanged
between the website and the elasticsearch server.
YET, if i use a sugarcrm instance on a complete separate machine,
elasticsearch is reachable and replies correctly, and indexes content.

I can curl from the same machine to elasticsearch, i can interrogate the
logs, but i simply cannot get any responses back to my CRM, which in turns
do not see any content in the search.

I am thinking of a firewalling issue maybe ? is elasticsearch connecting
and exchanging through UDP ? or is 9200 the only tcp connection initiated ?

thanks so much for your help.

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