Elasticsearch Read from Multiple Locations

Is it possible to configure elasticsearch to read data from multiple locations / path ?

My architecture is as below

Logstash -> Elasticsearch (D:\elasticdata) -> Kibana

Expected Architecture

Logstash -> Elasticsearch (D:\elasticdata & E:\elasticdata)

Is it possible for Kibana to be able to fetch data from both partition (D and E drive)

or Is there any attribute that can be used to set two different path for storing elasticdata and reading the same

Yes, path.data accepts a list of paths. If you need more control you can run two nodes, one on each path.

Thanks for the info David.

But my actual query is that currently my elasticsearch is configured to store data in D:\elasticdata but due to space constraints i want to change the path to E:\elasticdata

So is it possible for me to configure elasticsearch in such a manner that after changing the path.data to E:\elasticdata, will kibana be able to read data that is stored in D:\elasticdata as well as data that will be stored in E:\elasticdata at the same time

Sorry, I don't understand the question, or rather I don't understand how else to answer it. If you want Elasticsearch to use both paths then either add both paths to path.data or else run two nodes, one on each path.

If you want to use only E:\elasticdata then you can shut down Elasticsearch and move the directory from D:\ to E:\, then adjust path.data and restart Elasticsearch.

But there's no way for Kibana to read data from a data path that is different from Elasticsearch's path.data, because Kibana doesn't read data directly, it only reads things via Elasticsearch.

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