Elasticsearch Reallocation

I have a Elastic cluster version 6.1.2 of few nodes. Each node has multiple shards.
on a data node one of the shard got unassigned (No information available in the logs why this happen).

The initial allocation setting is none as shown
"allocation": {
"enable": "none"

I am trying to reassigned the shard using command

PUT /index_name/_settings
"index.routing.allocation.enable" : "all"

but the shard started moving from original node to some other data node instead reassignment on the same data node

The question is
Q1. What might be the reason for such accidental unallocation of a shard?
Q2. Why did the shard moved from one data node to other since the data already exist on 1st data node?

This transfer of data from one node to other has happened for the first time.

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