Elasticsearch red cluster & index


I'm using elasticsearch 5.5.1 in 4 node cluster and I just noticed following:

# curl --silent --request GET elk:9200/_cat/health
1505576198 15:36:38 X red 4 4 991 831 0 0 691 0 - 58.9%


# curl --silent --request GET elk:9200/_cat/indices | egrep -v '^(green|yellow)'
red    open X-2017.09           hG0-mX0tTwSEKaweqffuyg 5 1                                 
red    open Y-2017.06      xIJ-UX2rQI-tSrfwr5oy0Q 5 1                                 

I've looked in logs and did not find anything useful, I also tried "Windows approach" (aka restart) all nodes, that did not help either...

How does one address this issue? and mean while, I guess I have some reading to do:

Cluster Health | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic
RED Elasticsearch Cluster? Panic no longer | Elastic

Please advise.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Look in the Elasticsearch logs, it should say why the indices are red.

(poojagupta) #3

@alexus index in red state depends on shards not allocate properly due to some configuration issue.
best way to debug this issue please share elasticsearch logs .

(system) #4

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