ElasticSearch relational data

Hello ,
I need some help in managing following data,
for example , I have five entities A, B, C, D ,E
A has one to many relation with B,
B has one to many relation with C,
C has One to many relation with D,
D has One to many relation E,
The requirement is to Search A with the B,C,D,E all properties of the entities
If i am creating an index of entity A,
the document of index A have will have mappings like
document A : { id of A, [ B properties], [ C properties ], [D properties], [E properties]}
now if there is an Update in B, C, D, E in database
then there will be bulk update in A, which will be expensive call at real time
As the data is very denormalized here.
Can someone plz guide me how to handle this scenario

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