ElasticSearch report a strange os memory and search very slow,

Running ES in docker on a physical box with VMware ESXi6 CentOS 7 OS

Queries are currently taking more than 10 seconds to complete

_cluster/stats reports a strange os memory:

total_in_bytes: 134778593280
free_in_bytes: 2296119296
used_in_bytes: 132482473984
free_percent: 2

Heap usage looks good.

However, when I try free command:

Mem total: 65809860
Mem used: 36892596
Mem available: 24905108

the number reported by ES is strange to me.

Any idea? Thanks.

You're looking at cluster stats which aggregates across your two nodes. Instead, look at node-level stats.

Thanks, yes figured out, the two nodes are on same machine, so it doubles the os memory.

However, still the search is super slow. About 10X slower than other direct physical boxes with same deployment configurations.

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