Elasticsearch responded with a 503 status

Hi team,
Could you please help me out when i was running the service 'elasticsearch' i get the status as 503 in server while in my local machine it is working fine with status 200 but not in server. What could be the cause .


You probably have something in logs

Hi David,
Thanks for the information.
I am not aware of what could be the changes i have to make in logging.yml.
Secondly as i earlier said in my elasticsearch.yml i have the cluster.name: elasticsearch but when i browse the url 'http://localhost:9200' it responded with 503 status and the cluster.name:graylog2. which i did't set before .
i tried to remove the elasticsearch and before re-installing again, i browsed the 'http://localhost:9200' i am getting the same error even without installing the elasticsearch.

thanks in advance.

You apparently have Graylog installed. Elasticsearch is installed as part of Graylog.