Elasticsearch restart failed

(shaonbean) #1

when yum install elasticsearch && confifure yml,can start elasticsearch succeed,but when I again retsrat elasticsearch will happend errors,like example:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: detected index data in default.path.data [/var/lib/elasticsearch] where there should not be any; check the logs for details

CentOS 6.9 + elastic stack latest version.

i found through delete nodes can solve this problems,but i don't every time execute delete.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Do you mean 5.3.1?

(shaonbean) #3

yes. I add elasticsearch repo in local. su yum now is 5.3.1

(Eric Richter) #4

I have the same issue since the upgrade to 5.3.1

(shaonbean) #5

I remember 5.2.x also can't use restart elastic.

(Eric Richter) #6

I created a support case for this

(Eric Richter) #7

I removed the "-Edefault.path.data=${DATA_DIR} " parameter from the startup command and everything works fine again.

The default.data.path is defined in the elasticsearch.yml file

(Igor Marques) #8

this solve to me after update. thanks

(shaonbean) #9

but the elasticsearch version is latest

(Igor Marques) #10

yes, this start after update your elastic for latest version.
u can read some info here:

and here:

u just need to find you elasticsearch.service and remove that line and restart.
-E default.path.data=${DATA_DIR}

(shaonbean) #11

thank you for the answer

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