Elasticsearch - Result order

Hi All,

i have created an index and have ingested around 250K documents to this index.

Every document has 40 to 50 fields.

	"query": {
		"bool": {
			"must": [
					"multi_match": {
						"query": "search keyword,
						"fields": [
						"type": "best_fields",
						"fuzziness": "AUTO",
						"prefix_length": 2
					"match": {
						"STATUS.keyword": "Y"

The given search keyword exists in all the fields. i am expecting the result in the following order but results are comes randomly.

all the document that are matched with field1 should be displayed first
all the document that are matched with field2 should be displayed after following first set results.

what i have to do to get this results. i have executed the above query and results comes randomly

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