ElasticSearch S3 Snapshot - Which node to run this on?

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Hello All,
I have this ES stack configuration - am implementing the s3-repository plugin. I had a question around this! This is my Stack Config (AWS EC2):

2X CO Nodes (running curator for Rollover/Delete Indexes)

The question I had was - that if I do implement the repository-s3 plugin - where would I be running the curator job to take periodic snapshots? Lets say I ran it on the Coordinating Nodes (2 Nodes as indicated above) - since the two CO Nodes are IDENTICALLY created via Cloudformation - they both have the same curator cron running and I dont have a way to tell Cloudformation to run Curator on One CO instance and not another.

Given this, and the fact curator is running on BOTH CO nodes, what would happen if the same cron curator fires snapshot at the same time (Which is what I suspect will happen since both nodes have the identical curator cron settings and the s3-respository plugin)?

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One will fail because of the already running job, so they won't conflict :slight_smile:

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Nice! thank you. A quick follow up : Documentation states taht the plugin needs to be installed in ALL the nodes of the cluster! Does this imply the Coordinating node as well? (should've asked this question first). Does it matter?

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Yep, every single node in the cluster :slight_smile:

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