Elasticsearch Scripting on Identical fields

I am using elasticsearch 6.2

My problem is
I have saved docs in a index with similar key and value names.
I want to filter contents using script query. Data is saved as

data:[{key:"howdy", value:"im good"},{key:"Size", value:2},{key:"City", value:"xyz"},{key:"areacode", value:1000}]
I want to filter records where size is gt 4, but the scripting query i am using throwing errors of casting datatypes.

I am specifically expecting to filter records where size is > number
field mappings are defined as below screenshot

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Can you please show the actual search request you are making? It is unclear what your script source is. The error you appear to be getting would indicate a wrong type. Most likely your value field, as that is a keyword (ie string), but you are comparing it to 2, an integer.

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