ElasticSearch Search functionality with filesystem cache

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Hi Everyone,

I am curious about the search capability of ES, suppose i am indexing bulk data and according to documentation data will be flushed for every 5 minutes(translog_Flush_config), and file system cache and translog will be cleared out.

  1. Now when i want to search for recently added data (once the fliesystem and translog are cleared), what will be the criteria, will it go and hit Disk?
  2. How are the cache related topics like (query, field data,filter cache) can help me to overcome the search delay, if it happens in the above mentioned case?.
    3.whats caching policy of ES, i mean, whats the size configuration of caches(field,query)
    and how long they can be maintained, if i m not updating.
    4.if i want to avoid using caches because of memory consumption issue, how do i ensure that fast performace is maintained with my appication.

Any detailed anser or link will be helpful.


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I don't think it is accurate to say that the filesystem cache will be cleared. You can expect that a search on recent data will likely be served from memory.

Truth is that besides the filesystem cache, Elasticsearch tries to not rely too much on caching in order to have good performance. I would just use the defaults.

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Thanks for the response.

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